May 26, 2020

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Single Parent Traveling with a Minor(s)


As you are aware, you need a passport for yourself and your child to travel to Mexico and the Caribbean, but many people are not aware that you also need additional documentation when entering foreign countries as a single adult traveling with a minor child. Not only is this an issue for single parents, but ANY parent or adult traveling out of the country alone with a minor child or children.

What is the required additional documentation?

The answer is, it depends as documentation requirements change based on your destination. We recommend a notarized letter of consent from the other parent of your child (See Below).   If you have any questions, call the consulate of your destination. Remember to tell them how you are entering the country: by air or land. It may make a difference.

What if you have special circumstances like many single parents?

Perhaps you are unable to locate your child's mother, maybe you never knew the father, or the mother is deceased? Once again, your first stop should be to contact the consulate of your planned destination and ask them what documents they require for your situation. They may require some form of legal documentation stating your situation. Some examples of special documentation a destination country may require are:

  • A death certificate

  • A court order of sole custody

  • A notarized letter from a government or religious official confirming your situation.

(For example, if you never knew who your child's father was or cannot find the mother, get documented proof of that from an official.)

Once you have contacted the destination's consulate and determined what you need, contact your tour operator and/or airline to make sure that they will accept your documentation, particularly with special situations. Get their names, titles and phone numbers, so if a gate agent stops you at the airport you can tell them to whom you spoke and hopefully that will smooth your ride.

Example of Authorization for Minor to Travel


In order for a minor under the age of 18 to travel out of the United States without both parents or legal guardians, a notarized affidavit must be obtained and presented to immigration officials upon departure and return to the United States.  Failure to present this affidavit may result in officials refusing to allow the minor to leave the country.

Please complete and sign  before a Notary Public the appropriate portion of the form below and carry the Notarized affidavit with you.  It is recommended that you also carry divorce, custody, death certificates or other supporting documentation.

Authorization for Minor to Travel
Complete either Section A or B - whichever section is applicable


(I, First, Middle, Last Name First, Middle, Last Name)

hereby authorize my minor child


(First, Middle, Last Name)

to travel out of the United States


from (dates of travel)


traveling to the Country of

under the custody of (First, Middle, Last Name)






(I, First, Middle, Last Name First, Middle, Last Name)

hereby swear that I have sole custody of a minor child


(First, Middle, Last Name)

and am authorized to take this child out of the United States


from (dates of travel)


traveling to the Country of




Notarized Signature & Seal

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New TSA regulations require that passports be valid for at least six (6) months beyond travel dates. If your passport is set to expire in under six months from your return date, you must renew it prior to travel.

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