January 24, 2020

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Negril, Jamaica

Come to Jamaica and Feel All Right!

 The "Capital of Casual", Negril is at the western tip of the island and is known for its amazing sunsets and gorgeous Seven Mile Beach.

Negril Vacation . . . Nothing is a problem on this island paradise where reggae, romance and the Caribbean sun come together. Accommodations range from charming inns to luxurious resorts. Pioneers of the all-inclusive vacation concept, you won't find an island that does it better. Jamaica is the birthplace of Belafonte's calypso and Bob Marley's reggae, and home to many celebrated music festivals. Wherever you go in Jamaica, the friendly smiles of its people and the natural beauty of the island will keep you coming back. 


Jamaica's average annual temperature is 80 degrees F / 27 degrees C.  The average yearly temperature range is between 78 degrees F and 85 degrees F.  Extreme temperatures range from a low of 65 degrees F to a high of 95 degrees F. 

Geography and History

Negril is a large beach resort town located across parts of two Jamaican parishes of Westmoreland and Hanover. Westmoreland is the westernmost parish in Jamaica, located on the south side of the island. Downtown Negril, the West End cliff resorts to the south of downtown and the southern portion of the seven mile (11 km) beach are in Westmoreland. The northernmost resorts on the beach are in Hanover. The nearest large town is Savanna-la-Mar, the capital of Westmoreland.

The geography of Jamaica is diverse. The western coastline contains the island's finest beaches, stretching for more than along a sandbar at Negril. It is known as the  "7-Mile Beach"  although it is only slightly more than 4 miles (6.4 km) in length, from the Negril River on the south to Rutland Point on the north.

On the inland side of Negril's main road, to the east of the shore, lies a swamp called the Great Morass, through which runs the Negril River, amidst which is the Royal Palm Reserve, with wetlands that are protected since they are responsible for the growth of crops in the region, which upon death, begin to decay, helping to form coral sand along the beachfront.

In 1990, the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society was formed as a no-profit, non-governmental organization to discuss ongoing degradation of the coral reef ecosystem. The Negril Marine Park was officially declared on March 4, 1998 covering a total area of approximately 160 square kilometers and extending from the Davis Cove River in the Parish of Hanover to St. John’s Point in Westmoreland.

Scuba Diving and snorkeling are especially good in the protected reef areas.

The West End Road is also known as Lighthouse Road as there is a Belgian engineered lighthouse protecting seafarers from the dramatic cliffs. There is beautiful scenery on this western tip of Negril, near Negril Lighthouse. You can mingle with locals at beer shacks like Sexy Rexy's and others "out West".

For years, Negril's beach has been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by many travel magazines. The north end of the beach is home to the large, all-inclusive resorts, and to the south are the smaller, family-run hotels. This combination gives the Negril area a large variety of rooms, services and prices. South of downtown Negril is West End Road, known as the cliff area, which is lined with resorts that offer more privacy. These areas offer easy access to waters good for snorkeling and diving, with jumping points reaching more than 40 feet (12 m) high. Rick's Cafe is a place to watch the cliff jumpers, although there have been a number of fatalities and serious injuries with regard to visitors attempting even the lower level jumps (rock impacts, paralysis/quadriplegia, ear drum impaction etc.) Rick's is considered one of the 1,000 places to go before you die. Although most of Rick's was destroyed, and slid into the ocean in the hurricane of 2003, it has been rebuilt rock sturdy. Its sunsets are still some of the best in the world.

That Negril is still fairly underdeveloped remains a significant factor in its undoubted charm. This may not last, as a new highway from Montego Bay and an improved infrastructure may bring more tourists

7- Mile Beach Negril

Facing directly west, Negril’s Seven-mile Beach has been voted many times over as one of the best in the world. Legendary for its dramatic sunsets, silky white sands, clear turquoise waters, and spontaneous island spirit, the natural attributes of this phenomenal beach are alluring to the soul.

Sheltered by one of the Caribbean’s great reefs, Negril Bay is always tranquil. And because Jamaica itself does not have high tides, the entire protected beachfront is nearly level with the gently lapping waters, creating a seamless entry from sand to sea.

At daybreak and dusk the peaceful waters stand so still they seem to be paying homage to the magic of the sun, like the rest of Negril. 

Negril Lighthouse

The Negril Lighthouse is a functional, historical building above sea level and has served many residents of Jamaica since 1895. This landmark lighthouse is located on West End Road, past the famous eatery called Rick’s Café.

The outside premises of this important building, are not landscaped to perfection. However, this should not discourage anyone from visiting, as it will be worth the experience of walking through this historical place.

Rick’s Café in Negril, Jamaica

For the sounds of Reggae in Jamaica visit Rick’s Café.

Over 50 years ago, the small island of Jamaica began a musical revolution and Reggae was born. Listen to the sounds seven days a week, 365 days a year, rain or shine, Rick’s in house band Dollyman is jammin’ tru Jamaican Reggae.  

For thirty years the world famous Rick’s Café has been visited by millions of visitors. The cliffs boast a magnificent view of the Caribbean’s most spectacular sunsets. It is Negril’s premier gathering spot for tourist and locals. It is great to view the Jamaicans and tourist take a leap off the forty foot cliff into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  See photos from Rick's Cafe

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