December 1, 2020

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10 Reasons to Choose Punta Cana for Your Vacation


# 1 

Punta Cana . . . Endless beaches, powder white sand, turquoise waters.  We repeat it over and over, because its so true, so amazing.  The soft swaying of the tall palm trees, the bright blue sky.  See it for yourself, you’ll tell us how right we are.


# 2

Punta Cana . . . Looking for once-in-a-life-time experiences?  Snorkeling amongst tropical fish and coral reef, shark encounters, Swimming with the dolphins, visiting the First City of the Western Hemisphere, Safari expeditions, learning Spanish language and Merengue dancing, speedboat racing, sailing, fishing…the list is endless and all available just by talking with your Amstar representative!


# 3

Punta Cana . . . Resorts 24/7.  Want to vacation at a world-class hotel and still get a terrific value for your money?  Try an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, where lodging, activities, meals and more are rolled into one price.  There’s a resort for every taste and budget.  Most resorts feature casinos, spas or golf courses.  And all are situated on the beautiful beach of the east coast.


# 4

Punta Cana . . . In season, every season.  The weather changes only slightly from month to month.  All year round is great for visiting, beach fun and tanning.


# 5

Punta Cana . . . No stress.  Nothing about Punta Cana is stressful.  You’ll find easy going people, big hearts, open arms, and a way of living life that is both timeless and new.


# 6

Punta Cana . . . The ocean playground is waiting for you to explore – in, on, under and over.  From easy to adventurous, there are worlds of ways to enjoy everything our little corner of the Caribbean has to offer:  snorkeling, Deep Sea Fishing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, speed boats, dolphin swim, Nurse shark encounter… and many many many more!


# 7

Punta Cana . . . Bring the Kids!  Have you ever noticed how Mother Nature makes such a perfect playmate?  Just take the kids to the beach and you’ll see them playing in the sand, chasing waves to the point of exhaustion and splashing in the eater until they wrinkle.  You and your children can explore vibrant green fern forests and join any of the hundreds of water sport activities.  The activities in Bavaro are so invigorating, their little minds will be filled with big wonder.  The joy of snorkeling, the awe of watching a dolphin, and the contagious smike that comes from a first boogie boarding lesson – these things will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Kids thrive in Bavaro’s natural environments and love to try new experiences.  (Thanks to Mother Nature, they seem to sleep better too!)


# 8

Punta Cana . . . A perfect event.  Magical weddings, successful meetings, one-of-a-kind group events, fun spring breaks and college trips or the best family reunion ever – for all ages, desires, expectations:  Bavaro has something for you.


# 9

Punta Cana . . . So close.  With direct flight from many US cities, Punta Cana is a whisk away.  USA 3000, American Airlines, Continental, US Airways, Delta, American Eagle and more!  Check all the possibilities!  Punta Cana airport is 20-40 minutes away from any hotel, La Romana is 90 minutes away and Santo Domingo is 3 hours away.


# 10

Punta Cana . . . Tropical Senses:  Taste the fruits, the drinks, the international food for every liking.  Feel the sun, the light salty breeze, the soft sand.  Listen to the bird chirp, the contagious rhythms.  See the friendly smiles, the amazing beauty of the island.  Smell the fresh coffee cocoa, vanilla.  Everything around you will indulge your senses.


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50 Punta Cana Vacation Musts! (Compliments of Amstar DMC Punta Cana) Minimize

50 Punta Cana Vacation Musts


Punta Cana . . . Have a cold drink as soon as you arrive at the hotel. 

Punta Cana . . . Take an umbrella cocktail at the swim-up bar. 

Punta Cana . . . See the hotel’s show. 

Punta Cana . . . Sunbathe on the beach and by the pool, and notice the difference in tanning tone!

Punta Cana . . . Take a stroll on the beach.

Punta Cana . . . Haggle with a vendor, even if you don’t buy anything.

Punta Cana . . . Take at least one amazing beach photo.

Punta Cana . . . Swim with a dolphin, a shark or a stingray:  they’re awesome experiences.

Punta Cana . . . Sleep in.  At least once.

Punta Cana . . . Dress up for the last night’s dinner.

Punta Cana . . . Take a massage at the Spa or on the beach, priceless.

Punta Cana . . . Take a good look at the size of the Palm trees, you’ll be surprised at how tall they are!

Punta Cana . . . Get to know your representative’s name and surprise him/her at least once by saying “Hi     __________!”

Punta Cana . . . Do at least one of the activities organized by the hotel’s entertainment team.

Punta Cana . . . Practice Spanish as much as you can.

Punta Cana . . . Get to see the real side of Dominican Republic by taking at least one cultural or adventure tour.

Punta Cana . . . Snorkel.  Practice or learn, it’s a great opportunity to see the fish and coral reef.

Punta Cana . . . Say “Buenos Dias” (Good morning), “Buenos tardes” (good afternoon) and “Buenos noches” (good night) to as many people as you can, you’ll be surprised at the positive response!

Punta Cana . . . Put your feet in the water and wait until the sea sinks them ankle-deep in the sand.

Punta Cana . . . If it rains one day, swim in the pool or walk in the rain and get wet.  It’s tropical, it’s special.

Punta Cana . . . Exchange at least 1 US$ into pesos and keep it as souvenir.

Punta Cana . . . Taste at least 1 tropical fruit.

Punta Cana . . . For adults, drink a really, really cold beer.

Punta Cana . . . Try to spot at least one lizard in the gardens during your stay.

Punta Cana . . . Take the longest shower after a beach day.

Punta Cana . . . Get to know the names of at least three people you’ve met on vacation (guests, hotel staff and reps are allowed!)

Punta Cana . . . Get 1 braid in your hair and look funky!

Punta Cana . . . Or, get a wash-off tattoo!

Punta Cana . . . Walk barefoot in your room.

Punta Cana . . . Watch the sun set or sun rise at least once.

Punta Cana . . . Run on the beach at 7:00am.

Punta Cana . . . Wear flowers in your hair.

Punta Cana . . . Get to know at least 3 important Dominican facts.

Punta Cana . . . Dance (or at least try) Merengue one night at the disco.

Punta Cana . . . Allow the hotel photographer to take a fun photo of you with a parrot, a monkey, at dinner or with a flower necklace and look for it later at the photo-display area.

Punta Cana . . . Jump on the bed as soon as you arrive.

Punta Cana . . . Take at least 1 water – related excursion.

Punta Cana . . . Try to find a strange stone, sea shell or piece of coral on the beach.  It’s hard – but you can try!

Punta Cana . . . Wave to any Dominican child when you’re on a tour – they just love waving back!

Punta Cana . . . Tell your traveling companion how great their sun tan looks.

Punta Cana . . . Do not think about work, school, college or anything like that unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Punta Cana . . . Make a sand castle or something else that might inspire you:  mermaids, turtles, dolphins…

Punta Cana . . . Watch the lines your bathing suit leaves, checking the difference between the sun tanned areas and the not sun tanned areas.

Punta Cana . . . Pick up the most recent newspaper you can find, smile, think “Aaahh, I’m on vacation”, and leave it unread.

Punta Cana . . . Try at least one of the famous Dominican tastes:  Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla, Rum, Mamajuana.  (Some not allowed for under 21)

Punta Cana . . . Get on stage at least once in a hotel show, no matter how shy you think you are!

Punta Cana . . . Try something very Dominican:  shaking maracas, playing the “Guira’ or the “Tambora’.  You’ll find Merengue trios walking around the hotel some nights a week.

Punta Cana . . . Take a photo with your rep, the hotel staff, and the excursion tour guides, great for photo albums!

Punta Cana . . . Swim in the Caribbean.

The most important Punta Cana Vacation Must:  HAVE FUN!  YOU ARE, AFTER ALL, ON VACATION!

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Punta Cana Excursions -- AMSTAR Destination Company Minimize

Amstar Destination Management Company*
Dominican Republic


Amstar DMC, is a Destination Management Company (DMC) in the Dominican Republic with offices in Punta Cana, La Romana, Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata - representing APPLE Vacations - the Preferred Supplier of Judy and Maria's Travel, Inc.  Amstar DMC is responsible for providing support services, ground transportation and excursions to more than 20,000 passengers per month. Amstar employs more than 100 employees dedicated to overlooking client services at hotel Resorts, Airports, ground operations and excursions for individual & group travelers.

Amstar Business Center
Suite 101
Carretera Bavaro, km 2
Bavaro, Dominican Republic
Tel:  1-809-221-6626
Fax:  1-809-687-5756

Professional Testimonial Minimize

 “It is amazing the hard work and dedication that Judy and Maria have put inMr. Peter Thomas.jpgto our destination, Punta Cana.  They go above and beyond, taking great pride in getting to know the destination from all aspects, then putting the information together to become probably the most informative web site that you can find on Punta Cana, as well as other preferred destinations.  The sales results are incredible."

"Judy and Maria not only sell Punta Cana, they are Punta Cana.”

Mr. Peter Thomas
Managing Director
Amstar Destination Management Company
Carretera Km 2, Bavaro, Punta Cana
Dominican Republic
Tel:      809-221-6626
Fax:     809-543-8513

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Toll Free: 877-380-4142
Local: 610-380-1331
Fax: 610-380-0639
637 Farmland Way
Coatesville, PA  USA 19320

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