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 Cozumel, Mexico

Isla Cozumel . . .   A Mexican Heart and Caribbean Soul

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Just twelve miles off the Yucatan coast lies the island paradise of Cozumel. Its waters so clear, its coral reefs so spectacular, famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau called it the "best diving area in the world". Boasting the second largest barrier reef in the world (Palancar Reef), Cozumel draws divers, swimmers and snorkelers from around the globe.   We sell Apple Vacations to Cozumel.

Cozumel Chankanaab National Park

Add poured-sugar beaches to the crystalline water, mix in beautiful, serene resorts and you have the makings of a perfect vacation! 


Cozumel has been a tourism hub for over a millennium. The ancient Mayans were required, at least once in their lifetime, to make a pilgrimage to the shrine of Ixchel, the ancient goddess of fertility and the moon. The temple ruins still stand at the archeological site of San Gervasio.


Ecotourism at its best can be found here. Jungle and swampy lagoons, which are home to animals and birds that have never left the island, cover Cozumel's mostly undeveloped territory at the center of the island. Noteworthy is the Chankanaab National Park, a Cozumel icon, and the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve. The huge protected area at the southern tip of the island includes Punta Celarain and its historical lighthouse, as well as the Colombia Lagoon, a shelter for many of the island's endemic species. 

Travel to Cozumel in the early spring and experience Carnaval! Grandparents, adults, teenagers and children alike come together to participate in the harmonically colorful and musical explosion. Within the Mexican-Caribbean, here is the most popular and authentic Carnaval celebration, providing a more traditional and family-oriented event. Together locals and visitors enjoy five days of fun that include parades, floats, traditional regional foods, music and dancing. The highlight of the festivities is the Comparsas Ball that features an incredible dance competition, not to be missed!

There is only a four or five degree variance between winter and summer temperatures here, with winter highs in the mid 80's °F and summer highs around 90°F.

Palancar Reef


Palancar is one of Cozumel’s most memorable  reefs.  The visibility is fantastic!   A wall dive, the slopes of snowy white sand slide off into the deep blue resembling a ski slope. Palancar Bricks is just the beginning of an almost three mile stretch of caves, canyons, overhangs and gardens.  As you wind our way up into the coral ravines and trough the narrow crevices you will see many snappers, angelfish, and Bermuda chub that will be waiting for you there.


You may want to start your dive at the “Horseshoe”, a large u-shaped notch in the wall of Palancar.


The Gardens are a bit shallower, and are an excellent place to stop and take some pictures.  The sandy bottom is often a good place for rays to hide, so keep your eyes open.  This is one reef you’ll want to come back to.  

Chankanaab National Park 

Snorkel, Diving and Swim with Dolphins in Cozumel Island


Chankanaab, one of nature’s greatest works of art, is located on the 9th km of Cozumel Islandnd highway. This park is considered a special area for fauna and flora protection and shelter, after being decreed National Park in the year 1980.

Everything about adventure, fun, calmness is melted in one place: Chankanaab. During your visit, you will discover that you are part of a natural reserve, which offers a swimming area, or a diving area to be closer to the underwater universe and enjoy the beautiful Christ and Virgin sculptures. Your palate will also have the chance to enjoy a variety of cuisines at any of the restaurants.

On the other hand, the experience of swimming with Dolphins in Chankanaab Park, Cozumel, Mexico, offered by Dolphin Discovery is without a doubt, one of the most popular activities for visitors. Don’t miss it! or you will never know how dolphins are capable of fulfilling your day. 

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We sell Apple Vacations to Cozumel

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