January 18, 2019

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 Shopping in Los Cabos


In the village of Cabo San Lucas, life radiates from the plazas. The way to travel is by foot as everything is close at hand. for those who love to shop, the main streets and alleys of Cabo overflow with fun and fanciful boutiques brimming with souvenirs, arts and crafts, jewelry, pottery, beachwear and clothing. The street vendors bring their own version of creative marketing to the village. Featuring a wide range of merchandise, downtown Cabo San Lucas is a great place to discover local artisans, along with everything from traditional Mexican artifacts to American made products. While shopping in Cabo, you will discover something that you cannot live without; some treasure that will make you feel good, or is the perfect gift for a loved one back home.


Although downtown offers more authentic Mexican gifts, the Puerto Paraiso Mall, opened in the fall of 2001, caters to shoppers with more ex-pensive and sophisticated taste. Unique silver jewelry and pottery made from local artists are popular items for tourists to take home. As you wander the mall, many of the stores may appear to be similar in style and merchandising, but upon walking through, it becomes more evident that each store and vendor has a variety of novel gifts.


Boulevard Marina and the nearby streets that back up to the main square make up Cabo San Lucas' main downtown shopping district. Since the opening of Puerto Paraiso Mall, this area has been referred to by some as “Old Town” and offers just about every gift that one could imagine. Located by the harbor, Boulevard Marina is a magnificent area to browse as you walk through the plazas past little boutiques that line both sides of the street. Shoppers can spend hours gazing through shop windows or meandering in and out of interesting locales until they find themselves compelled to purchase “must-have” items. There are so many wonderful home furnishings, Mexican art pieces and other decorative merchandise to bring home for yourself or a friend.


With seemingly endless shops displaying shiny silver in the windows, it is immediately evident that México is well known for its high quality and reasonably priced silver. Cabo San Lucas, like everywhere else in Los Cabos, is brimming with street vendors and silver shops offering their own creative and original designs. Most of the stores carry silver of excellent quality, however, it is wise to be cautious, as some vendors and artisan markets often carry silver of an inferior caliber. You can tell whether the silver is adequate by determining it’s weight. If a minimum of .925 is engraved into the back, the piece has merit. Among the stores located on Boulevard Marina, Bla, Bla, Bla Silver Shop carries a large selection of beautifully designed bracelets, necklaces, charms, earrings, money clips, and many more items of interest. Their silver pieces (.925 & .950) are handcrafted in Taxco, Guerrero, knownfor its exceptional silver craftsmanship. They also have stores in Plaza del Mar and at the Los Cabos Airport.

México is also well known for its meticulously hand-crafted pottery. The pottery in México is often so painstakingly detailed and beautiful that it is hard to resist. Talavera, the most well known type of pottery in Cabo, originated from the Spanish Majolica wares that were first produced during the Italian Renaissance, with influences from Moorish, Islam, and Asian cultures. This style of pottery was brought to México and was first made in the town of
. Talavera pottery has its own distinctly creative style, but also reflects the Spanish, Arabic, Asian and Italian cultures. It is easy to tell the high quality Talavera pottery by its intrinsic detail and generally higher price.

Necri, located on Boulevard Marina since 1988, has a good selection of unique gift items—many pieces are easy to pack, for that favorite friend back home. Necri has a very nice collection of exclusive pewter pieces from
México City ranging from picture frames to candle sticks as well as a large inventory of fine Talavera from Puebla

Recently relocated to the new Puerto Paraiso Mall, The Cotton Club has been a Cabo San Lucas favorite for over a decade. This specialty stores carries a good selection of comfortable cotton, linen and rayon resort wear fashions.

No Worries, located on
Marina Boulevard
adjacent to the Cabo San Lucas Official Store, is another perennial favorite offering clothing in the latest fashion. This store designs and creates t-shirts, shorts, hats, and many other items that don their logo. If you are looking for a fun flowery sun dress, No Worries has a nice selection in cute styles. Very popular with all ages, No Worries has a surfer flare to it, and is a little different than many other tourist boutiques in Cabo San Lucas.

Plaza del Mar, located next to El Squid Roe across the street from Hard Rock Cafe, has an interesting mix of stores that offer a variety of t-shirts, tank tops, bags, hats, accessories and more. Inside Plaza del Mar you’ll find Cabo Hats, with an extensive selection of hats for men and women including The Scala Collection and Dorfman Pacific.


Sergio Bustamante:  Sculptures and artwork by the world famous Sergio Bustamonte can be purchased in a shop located in the  Puerto Pariso Mall. Each piece belongs to a limited edition and is created by hand, therefore unique. A certificate of authenticity duly signed by the artists itself is attributed to each sculpture.  All works are of very good quality, and pieces of small and big size up to four (4) meters high are available. It is amazing how Sergio Bustamante can project all that magic and fascination to each one of his works.  His works are more and more wanted around the globe (Mexico, United States, Japan, Europe, and recently Russia); therefore they will probably increase in value over the next years. 



Shopping Los Cabos
Shopping Los Cabos

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